Dr. Mac makes a movie about Ocrevus

Hello everyone.

I haven’t put up a post for a while because it takes longer to make a movie about a medical topic than to write one.

This movie is about the drug for MS that came out in April – Ocrevus (ocrelizumab).

While it took the usual time to write the script, it was a whole production trying to get the right actor to play the part of the doctor who hosts the program. I wanted to get Ryan Gosling but, as it turns out, he’s from Canada and I didn’t want to have to deal with the language/accent issues that jacked up the budget on “The Big Short” ($17 million of the $28 million budget was spent on the team of dialect and acting coaches that was needed to get him to stop peppering in the word “hoser” during the shoot).

I eventually realized that I was the only one who would work for the salary I was offering – $20 and a coupon for Denny’s.

By the way, in addition to writing the script, I was the one who produced, directed and edited the movie.

Craft services was headed up by my wife who called me at the office and let me know that she was keeping my dinner warm in the oven.

And, as you’ll see, there was no make-up artist.

Seriously though, I need to address my patients for a moment:

Please watch the entire video. If you think you would like to switch from your current therapy to Ocrevus, please call the office at 516-498-2300 and make an appointment. 

There is pre-testing that needs to be done before I can enroll you for it, so we will send you the prescriptions for whatever labs you need to get before coming to the appointment. 

The movie ran long (even after I cut out my 20-minute guitar & drum solos) so I had to cut it into two parts.


wmv format

                     PART I

                    PART II




avi format

Part I

AVI Dr Macs Ocrevus video Part I format


Part II

AVI Dr Macs Ocrevus video Part II format