Macaluso Infusion Center

It’s the Macaluso Infusion Center’s

 10th Anniversary!

Mecedes, Dr. Vincent, Nurse Liz and Donna

    Mercedes, Dr. Vincent, Nurse Liz and Donna

For anyone who has multiple sclerosis and currently takes Tysabri, I’m proud to announce that the Macaluso Infusion Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary having done over 5,700 infusions! Personally, I have been on Tysabri for 10 years (which was one of the reasons I started the center) and I really enjoy being able to get my medication while other MSers are around. Our infusion room has five comfy infusion chairs along with a television and free WIFI. This generates a relaxed, family-like environment.

And we are like a family. When you arrive, you will be greeted by either Donna or Mercedes. These are the two people who have been working with my MS patients since we opened ten years ago. After being registered, you can wait in our homey waiting room where you can read, talk or watch TV.  Once your infusion chair is ready, Donna or Mercedes will check your vital signs and then hand you over to our outstanding infusion nurse, Elizabeth. Liz has extensive experience as a nurse and as an infusion specialist. Her calm and happy demeanor makes her the type of person you can trust which can help you relax while getting your medication.

After the infusion has started, some patients enjoy talking with other MSers, others prefer to read, write or get their work done and some just put on a pair of headphones and kick back for the hour that the medication is infused.

Some of the people who get their infusions done here like knowing that we only infuse people who get intravenous medication for multiple sclerosis. Other people like the smaller scale, comfortable environment that we provide.

Among the MS patients who previously had their infusions done at larger, often hospital-based infusion centers, they were treated not so much as people but more like “the next one in line.” All the patients I have spoken with are unanimous in saying that our infusion center is the best experience that they have had.

So if you are looking for a nice place to get your Tysabri infusion done, you can come and visit our center during our business hours (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 9am-5pm, Wednesday – noon to 8pm.) or give us a call (516-498-2300) and we can chat.

Hope to see you soon!

Dr. Vincent

Macaluso Medical Infusion Room

Macaluso Medical Infusion Room

Front Office picture

The waiting room at Macaluso Medical.



The Macaluso Medical Infusion Center was established in 1996 for the purpose of infusing multiple sclerosis patients with the drug Tysabri (natalizumab). We have five comfortable reclining chairs, in our infusion room, where our patients get their medication. Our reception staff includes our front desk receptionist Khia who will register your arrival with our infusion nurse, Elizabeth. Elizabeth DiVittorio RN, has been with us for four years. She is known for her warm smile as well as being highly skilled in placing your line. During the hour of your infusion, you can work on you computer over a dedicated WiFi network, talk with others, read or just lay back and take  a nap. After the hour is over, your next infusion appointment is arranged and you can get back on your way!