MS From Both Sides of the Desk

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Dr Vincent Macaluso is proud to announce that his book, Multiple Sclerosis From Both Sides of the Desk, is available for purchase!

As a neurologist who also has MS, Dr. Macaluso has made discoveries about the disease and pulls back the curtain on what, until now, has been referred to as the hidden MS. He demonstrates how the swollen MS brain creates the world of the MS mind. He lays out, in simple English, why MSers very often have trouble with initiative, concentration, emotional control, sexual functioning, urinary control and social behaviors. Moreover, he then reveals the way to solve these problems! 

And that’s only half of the book.

The other half is made of short stories, poetry and prose which convey what the world of multiple sclerosis feels like, from the inside out. Characters in the book go through many of the issues that MSers, and their loved ones, have dealt with or deal with on a daily basis. Everything from diagnosis to getting MRIs to realizing what true love is are touched upon using an amalgam of experience, introspection and humor. By employing this emotion driven process, he helps the reader, either with or without multiple sclerosis, to better understand the disease.

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Multiple Sclerosis From Both Sides of the Desk

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