Insurances for Dr. Lauren

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Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield

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United Healthcare

We will confirm we accept your insurance when you schedule your appointment, as the list changes from time to time.

We provide outpatient physician consults. If you call your insurance company to verify coverage, make sure that you state that you are seeing a physician in the field of Breastfeeding Medicine.

We are not a lactation consulting business. Most insurance plans do not cover lactation consultations. If you say the word, lactation, you might be told that the visit is not covered when in fact it is.


Breastfeeding involves mom and baby. To provide the best breastfeeding care possible we usually need to see both of you. We take a history of both mom and baby, examine each of you as needed, and observe a feeding. Then together we develop a plan for you and your baby. We complete two patient encounters, thus if your insurance company requires co-pays, we collect two co-pays. Insurance plans vary and change frequently, we charge the primary care co-pays and adjust if insurance states otherwise after the visit.