Multiple Sclerosis From Both Sides of the Desk has hit a milestone!

We’ve received some exciting news here at the home office…

Multiple Sclerosis From Both Sides of the Desk has sold over 1000 copies!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has purchased the book. From the feedback I have gotten, MSers say that not only did they learn a lot from the book but also feel a little less alone when they read stories from a doctor who has multiple sclerosis and really understands what is going on in our MS minds.

Moreover, the book appears to be having an impact on the people who are around those of us who have multiple sclerosis. Some people have come up to me and said that they liked the book so much that they have bought it for family members and friends. Others have been leaving copies of the book at doctor’s offices and at MRI places in hopes that people who have multiple sclerosis in their lives will pick it up and start learning as well.

Another plus is that the book is being followed by many and has gotten over 1,600 Likes on Facebook. This has been a driving force for me to start the sequel to the book. In the sequel, Sam and Charlie, the characters from the Chapter 15 My Life With You novella, will be returning.  The duo, along with Matilda, her girlfriend and some investigative journalism are going to help show people the challenges and successes that can happen in the lives of two young people who have been affected by MS.

Once again, thank you for your interest and support of my book! I truly believe that when patients and doctors start to learn more about each other, it helps to improve the lines of communication.

Once a dialogue has been opened, that’s when the true healing can start!


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